The Work Happy Club

A place to gather for fun, feisty women to reignite and supercharge their career mojo!

Do you…
  • Want to feel inspired and energised by your working life?
  • Love personal development and want to challenge yourself to be the woman you aspire to be at work? 
  • Read the self-help books but sometimes struggle to action…consistently?
  • Want to hang out with inspiring, like-minded women who will support and challenge you to take inspired action?

The Why

The working world needs brave, amazing women leading with passion, empathy and from the heart!
Society and the expectations of others often guide our career decisions, Work Happy starts when we create, embrace and own our direction and focus.

Working happy is a choice and one we all deserve to embrace.

Together we can create, grow and shape our working lives to excite and inspire us and those watching us as we rise up, together!

The What

The Deep stuff... I will guide you to dig deep and consider what work happy means to you. Discovering your values, strengths, fears and dreams through career visioning.
Tools & Tactics
From productivity & time management, to strategy & stress management, I fuse neuroscience & well-researched techniques to support you.
Healthy Habits
Work Happy starts with work healthy, the body and mind are one - no more pushing yourself to the bottom of the list. Work Happy starts with you.
The Gang
Why do it alone when you can have the inspiration, refreshingly honest chat, perspective and support of a crew of ace women.

The How

Happy Mondays (weekly Mon 9.15am, 20 mins Zoom) Kick start your week getting super clear on what is important to you that week. Clearing the clutter and prioritising the meaningful tasks, whilst reflecting on your achievements and shining a light on the good stuff!
Co-Working Sprints - Mon 9.45,30 mins, Zoom) Clear focused activity, without distraction alongside an inspiring group of cheerleaders!
Work Happy Group Coaching (Monthly via Zoom)
1 hour of positive psychology based coaching to develop your work happy.
Self-Care Workshops (Monthly via Zoom) Expert workshops to build your knowledge and habits around self care and well-being.
Cheers for Fears and Success Habits - regular pop up coaching workshops!

What do the existing Clubbers say…

I love being part of the Work happy Club. Energetic, inspiring and incredibly supportive, I feel like I have gained a lot of personal insights.

I love the variety of topics covered and holistic approach to wellness, it ticks a lot of my boxes of interest!

The variety of guest speakers too have been brilliant and literally given me a lot of food for thought!
Jen, Client Ops Mgr
Running your own business and working alone can be really tough at times but knowing I have you and The Work Happy Club there to support me and cheer me on keeps my head up.

I look forward to the sessions every month and having the WhatsApp group to hand means the support is always there.

What I love is that everyone is from different backgrounds and does different jobs and there is no judgement, competition or pressure. Just kindness, care and lots of happiness.

You have so much knowledge around finding your happy and all the tools you need to balance work and life in the way I dream of. I love the exercises and prompts you give us and your lovely sunny self brings so much motivation and positivity. We all need a bit of that in our lives! So grateful to be a part of TWHC
Since doing Katherine's Happy Mondays, I now LOVE Mondays. I relish the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate my week and then plan my week ahead.

It's an incredibly positive act because it a) helps me realise how much I've achieved and b) it helps me take control of the week ahead in a really gentle, inspiring way.

I honestly think it's had a powerful impact on my mental wellbeing, happiness and productivity in the past few months.

And best of all it's fun and I get to hang out with lovely people on Zoom.
YAY! You’ve decided to join us…what happens next? 

The Club opens for new members four times a year. Why? So I can welcome you in and get to know you, helping you settle and find your flow and meet your people. 

When you join you will receive an email from me where I will guide you to how you can get the most value out of The Work Happy Club.  I will also ask you to complete a short intro form so that I can start learning a bit about how I can best help you in the club.

You will be invited to join a quick welcome Zoom call to meet me and others joining the gang, where I will demo how you can quickly get to grips with our online hub, make the most of out diving into the community on WhatsApp (if you wish!) and which Live sessions will help you most.

Then off we go, on a mission together to Work Happy:Live Happy.


No hard feelings, totally cool. Just let me know and I will cancel your subscription!

That’s ok, jobs, kids, general life happens – simply log on to the link that I’ll always pop into the WhatsApp within 24 hours, and go and catch up at a time and pace that suits you!

My approach to group coaching is to allow time and space for members to discuss challenges, ideas, thoughts and fears but only if they want to, there is never a pressure to share!  I often run journalling style workshops where I will pose prompts for you to think, self reflect and find clarity, working alone, but in the company of others.  The support, warmth and inspiration from others still blows my mind!!