What would be different if you truly believed in yourself?

You may really want to start your own business.  You may want to get fit.  You may want to see the world.  You may want a promotion. You may want ditch the job you hate and totally change career. 

You may desperately want to follow your dream, whatever it may be…. but something keeps you stuck.

Plot spoiler: YOU’RE HUMAN! It’s tough. There is no magic formula. There is no coach or mentor that can make it happen. Despite the marketing claims, there is no short cut.

So, what’s the difference between the person who makes it happen and the one that remains where they are?

They have built their self-efficacy, block by block until they have started to believe that they CAN!  People with a higher level of self-efficacy set higher goals and as a result have a higher level of performance. But and this is the important bit, they started somewhere. THEY STARTED!

Yes, personality comes into play here.  Someone with a high level of bravery or courage may face into challenges more readily.  If you are blessed with a dogged determination to complete tasks, you may achieve ahead of someone who gets easily distracted.

BUT – there is this magic little concept I want to share called Neuroplasticity!  YOU are capable of change.  If you, like me, are very good at getting distracted by the newest shiny idea or another human rather than a task, you CAN improve resisting distractions.  If you are not brave, you can work on building your bravery muscle.  

If you believe you CAN’T, you can learn to believe you CAN.

Before I start working with any individual, I meet with them and in what I hope feels like an easy, open, honest chat about what I can do to help, I am determining their readiness for change, their level of self-efficacy/belief and that helps me shape how I help them.

But you can do it yourself too!  

Here are 5 steps to building your self-efficacy. 

  1. CHALLENGE & STRETCH – Define your challenge and stretch yourself to just outside your comfort zone.
  2. COMMIT TO LEARN – Focus on what you will learn by progressing, not on the perfect outcome – journaling/writing this down is a great way to reflect.
  3. ACTION – No short cuts here – JFDI! Review, adjust, Do, review, adjust!
  4. STRONGER – Your skills and ability WILL grow and strengthen.
  5. SUCCESS – Celebrate every success and lean into how it feels. Then re-set the challenge, stretch a bit further and round you go again!

The Work Happy Project helps individuals and organisations work happy! Driven by positive psychology and positive leadership principles, I educate, develop and coach my clients enabling and inspiring them to truly thrive.

If either you or your organisation wants to know more about how The Work Happy Project can help you find your work happy…sign up, DM me, email me, even go old school… pick up the phone and ring me…. you will find me more than happy to chat!!