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Engage. Enable. Empower

from £1895 per head for group delivery (min 6 people)

It is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think
- Albert Einstein

I created this 8 week coaching programme to support today’s leaders and their people to thrive. By fusing the concept of positive psychology with contemporary leadership resources, I have created a programme that supports leaders to develop an authentic positive leadership style that engages, enables and empowers their people to work happy

Katherine and the course have helped me view leadership in a different light and has provided me with the tools to empower my team to achieve their own success.
- Lauren

This is for you ifYou want to inspire your leadership team to coach their people, build motivation, engagement and accountability for their results, increasing productivity and reducing costly attention

So, what is Engage, Enable, Empower?

  • 1 hour stakeholder consultancy session.
  • 6 x 90 min group coaching sessions delivered via Zoom or in person.
  • Online learning platform to support additional learning resources and exercises 
  • Voxer and email access to me throughout 
I’ve felt like I can be really open and there isn’t anything I’m afraid to share which makes for really open and exploratory chats which sometimes lead me down a path I hadn’t even considered.
- Sarah

Leaders today are facing the greatest challenges of our lifetime

So, if you want a leadership development expert to support you to create and deliver a bespoke leadership framework that drives a coaching culture where your teams are engaged, enabled and empowered to be the best they can be…

"Organisations that implement positive leadership practices increase their profitability, productivity, quality, customer service and retention"
- Kim Cameron


Positive leadership isn’t all high fives, sweet smiles and happy interactions. It’s building strong relationships, cultivating positive energy cultures built on collaboration and trust. It’s having and communicating clear vision, direction and purpose – tough gig in today’s frantic world! I’ve been there.
By understanding our brains at work, we can unlock so much potential, I can help you unlock yours fully so you can help your people thrive.

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