What is it?

This one hour session will:

  1. Untangle the challenge you’re facing, creating clarity!
  2. Deepen your thinking, expanding perspective!
  3. Explore solutions, igniting action!

Investment from £350

"I went into the session really unsure of my next moves yet I have come away with a plan of action that I have created, that I’m excited about and it will keep me focussed on my goals. I 100% wouldn’t have been able to do this without Katherine."

In 1 hour I will help you see a way forward by helping you think deeply and clearly. I will help you work out what the very best next step is. I will help you see your fears and support you with techniques to help you push through them and into action….

This IS for you if...

  • Have a specific leadership or career challenge that has got you stuck!
  • You know you are ready to move forward but can’t see how?
  • Are willing to own the issue and create a solution with my expert guidance and support.

This is NOT for you if...

  • The situation feels vague or insurmountable with lots of knots to untangle. 
  • It feels that change is out of reach right now.
  • You feel you need someone in your corner for a bit longer to work this out.  I can still help you. Let’s suss the best way together…
"I’ve been amazed by your ability to understand me and the thoughts/feelings I have to want to move forward.
I love that you are pushing me to be brave and say things I didn’t even realise were in the deepest parts of my mind."

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