I am so excited to introduce you to the transformational power of discovering and dialling up your strengths!

The Strengths Session is a 90 minute one to one online coaching session where I will use evidence-based techniques proven to help you understand how to work (and live!) at your very best!  I have selected the very best science-based strengths profiling tool which I will invite you to complete online in under 20 mins, prior to the session.  Get ready for light bulb moments as we dive deep into how to:

Dial up and super-charge your strengths in your work (and life!)

Start shining those secret strengths that may be lying dormant.

Understand and manage your energy around your learned behaviours.

Manage your weaknesses by calling on your strengths.

Investment £395 inc report

Why focus on strengths?

  • We experience greater vitality and well-being when we use our strengths.
  • We perform better – further enhancing our well-being with feelings of achievement and accomplishment.
  • We bounce back quicker and experience greater resilience.
  • We feel connected and find purpose and meaning in what we’re doing – yep, you’ve guessed it, enhancing well-being!

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