My passion is helping other people find their work happy! 

from £1800 for 6 sessions/£2750 for 10 sessions - flexible payment plans available

"Find a happy person and you will find a project"
- Sonja Lyubowirsky

I was stuck and unhappy, living for the weekends and holidays where I could feel more like me! I knew there was another way but fear stood between me and even daring to dream of the possibilities.  I went round and round ruminating on how to find another way.  One day, I took action, I got a coach, I braved up and started creating the work life that I now love!  Now I get to help others craft out their dreams and get on their journey to work happy.

"You were a wonderful coach and every single session inspired me to want to push on for the next session."

I will shine a light into those fears, help you think clearly, dare you to dream and define what you really want. THIS IS IT. This is your time to step out of the fear and into action. I will help you craft a plan of action and step by step, I will support you to find your brave! 

I will hold your hand as you wobble. I will be your greatest cheerleader as you leap over the obstacles, one hurdle at a time, as you move forward to living (and working) doing more of what you love doing. Finding your work happy! 

"I’ve got a greater belief in myself and that I’ll succeed despite what challenges are put in my path."

If you’re thinking I might be able to help you to find your way to work happy, let’s kick start your project.  Take the first, bravest baby step and click the yellow button below and let’s chat…

"I honestly wish I could express how much I’ve taken away from this experience, it’s been scary, exciting, uncomfortable at times, powerful, thought provoking and reflective, but most of all I feel me again just with a lot more tools equipped to take on my next journey.”

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