What was I doing again?

Oh yeah, I was writing a blog about my experience of perimenopause and the impact that it has on my working world.   I’m (only) 45, far too young to be menopausal my Mum said.  She had “no bother” with menopause.  It didn’t happen until she hit early 50’s.  Oh, ok I thought, mustn’t be that then!  No hot flushes, […]

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Get your cosy on!

I’LL BE SURVIVING LOCKDOWN#2 – THE SCANDI WAY!  “Well, at least the sun is shining, imagine lockdown in the winter, that really would be shit!” Said me, to anyone that would listen, in Lockdown#1. Well, Holy shitballs!  Here we are! Lockdown#2 has kicked off and in true Mancunian form, it’s cold, dull and pretty miserable out

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